Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sexy Sign Language

Just a few minutes outside the walls of picture-perfect Treviso is Il Terraglio, not to be confused with i taralli, my favorite Italian snack which consists of small crunchy ringlets of bread, mildly salty and delicious.

No, no. Il Terraglio is the road that connects Treviso and Venice. It's lined with trattorie, bars, villas, and apartments and by day it's seemingly ordinary. But by night it's a sexed-up superhighway filled with prositutes. On a recent drive back from Venice I counted thirty-five in a 2-mile radius at which point I felt slightly violated for even being on the same pavement, not to mention they were getting picked up left and right. Yuck.

Then I saw this salty sign provocatively posted along the street. In English it says, WATCH OUT FOR PROSTITUTES.

Come on, is this really necessary? It's not like these women are jumping out from behind trees and galloping across the road to graze. Can't they just tend to their "business" in subtle fashion? And it seems that the artist went to great lengths to perfect her perfectly perky Double D breasts but neglected to give her any hands! Poor hooker.

I would, however, enjoy seeing a sign that says, "ATTENZIONE: sleezy Italian men hunting for prostitutes may jam on their brakes at any minute."

If there were one place this sign could have served a genuine purpose, perhaps it would have been in Spitzer's office. Maybe if I ask nicely, the mayor of Treviso will overnight it to Albany as a cautionary reminder for Lt. Gov David Paterson...


Vivie-Ann said...

lol once... i was mistaken for a prostitute waiting for a taxi on my way to work... i guess only prositiutes hang out on the street curb !!! but not only was i msitaken once..i was mistaken .. 12 times in 10 minutes... italian men... ha! poor things. and the prositiutes are known to be like 75% tranvestites! double ha .. miss you court!

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why Americans(especially women)go abroad to enjoy other cultures, but, then, take with them their prudish nature developed in the states. Why not get yourself laid during your travels. It wont get worn out... and it might just broaden your perspectives about la bonna vita.