Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Martedi Grasso (Fat Tuesday)

Staying true to my promise, I docked another 18 consecutive hours of feste in Venice, again, all with journalistic intent.

On "Fat Tuesday" morning my partner in crime, Steph, was still feeling the burn from our Saturday evening festivities so I was faced with a choice. Skip the biggest party at Carnival or take on Venice...ALONE! Of course, anyone who knows me knows my choice. I put on my black riding boots, loaded my pockets with the essentials (camera, mobile, and some Euros) and set out on what ended up being an 18-hour adventure that could only happen at Carnevale. Now, for the recap:

Top 8 Blog-Worthy Moments - Fat Tuesday, Venezia 2008

8. Playing hide and seek with le maschere around the columns of the Palazzo Ducale...

7. Drumming in excess...

6. Men in drag! The first I've seen since leaving New York City. Hubba Hubba!

5. Meeting Americans and gladly reverting back to American English!! Which, like, means like, saying "like" alot.

4. Drinking Vin Brulè for 2 Euro on the Rialto Bridge

3. Salsa dancing with men who actually know how to move their hips (not Americans)

2. Pitura Freska concert in Piazza San Marco...sung entirely in Venetian dialect. (my video won't upload so I pulled this from YouTube)...

1. The Nutella Fairy who left a snack pack on the seat next to me while I slept on the train! Truly magic!

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