Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life in Treviso: Is it anything like NYC?

My mal di gola (sore throat) has me cooped up in bed with lots of spare time on my hands. And so instead of the usual day-trip to Venice, I spent this Saturday afternoon comparing my old life in New York City with my new life in Treviso. Not surprisingly, I have a long list of differences. I'll summarize as I know it's nearing the hour of cena (dinner) and I wouldn't want to you to miss out on the antipasti!

In New York I...
  • Drank Starbucks iced coffee or Chai

  • Spoke only English

  • Rode the Subway

  • Worked in a fast-paced, high-rise office in Times Square

  • Saw celebrities and an occasional crime scene on my morning commute

  • Lived in a small but lively apartment in the heart of Greenwich Village with an R&B singer and budding fashion designer

  • Feared pasta

  • Did yoga and was a faithful gym-goer

  • Visited my family on the weekends (who I dearly miss)

  • Was surrounded by diversity and open-mindedness

In Treviso I...
  • Drink ONLY italian coffee. I wonder if I'll ever be able to stomach the "dirty water" again
  • Speak mostly Italian, some English, and some Itaglish...if you are an expat in Italy you know what I mean. Some of the most common Italglish phrases are: and stop (basta), it's the same (รจ uguale) and as you prefer (come vuoi)

  • Ride a bright yellow mountain bike

  • Work in, on average, five different schools a week with Italian children ranging from age 5-20

  • See white bunnies, billy goats, old villas and grandmas riding bicycles on my morning commute
  • Live in a 7-bedroom family-owned flat with 2 doctors, 1 Spanish opera singer, and 3 other mid-20's Italians.

  • Cook pasta

  • Rely on bike riding and a busy lifestyle to stay fit (so far so good)

  • Visit Venice, Verona, Asolo, Padova and soon Barcelona on the weekends

  • marvel at the signs of racism that still linger in the minds of the local people. But there is hope:

So to answer my own question, Treviso is NOTHING like New York City. I've pretty much done a complete 180° lifestyle change. Perhaps that's why I am so satsfied? I'm totally out of my element, seeing and learning something new every day. And you'd be amazed what little white bunnies and bike-riding grannies do for the soul.

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Gabriele said...

uh, why no one ever told me that "it's the same" is so ridiculous!! I should take some time to read your blog, it's funny to see this town from "outside"...