Monday, December 3, 2007

Snaps of Treviso

Life in Treviso is starting to feel more like home. I moved on Saturday and now live in a much bigger apartment with 7 bedrooms, a living room, huge terrace, fireplace and private bathroom. After two weeks of living out of my suitcases I finally unpacked. As my mom says, everything has a place now. It feels great.

It was a beautiful weekend - lots of sun and perfect cycling weather. My new apartment is just steps from a georgous riverside bike path with ducks, swans, seagulls and some other species of birds that I've never seen before. Biking in the city centre is bit more harrowing, as my bicycle lacks brakes and the roads are narrow and busy. But it's exhilirating to zip in and out of the piazzas and over the tiny bridges absorbing the sound of foreign language, the smells of coffee brewing and bread baking, the sights of children playing and old men discussing the week's's overstimulation in the finest form.

This photo is in another small town called Badoere. I go there every Tuesday to teach four English lessons. Every week the bus lets me out in the center of this Rotonda just as the sun is rising over the rooftop. I breathe in the fresh morning air and revel in the solitarity. Once the bus has gone there is complete silence in the rotonda. It's breathtaking.

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