Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where in the World Is...

I just caught myself singing the jingle of that old PBS series, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, a rendition made famous by none other than Rockapella. I can't imagine why they never went mainstream. Their multi-colored suspenders and supreme scatting talent were unmatched! The bass was my favorite. He'd pop through the window and bellow, [Where in the world is] "Carmen Sandiego"!

OK, I digress, but perhaps my childhood fascination of globetrotting Carmen was the beginning of my travel bug? In any case I thought I'd post my own version of "Where in the World." Where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going!

June 2007:
-Left my marketing career at Vh1 in New York City on a one-way ticket to Sanremo, Italy. I spent one week with other 20-30 somethings participating in an intensive T.E.F.L. introductory language course.
-Shipped off to Sorrento to start teaching at my first A.C.L.E. English immersion camp. Weekends excursions to Capri and Positano helped my love affair with Italy take shape.

- Boarded Air One flight to Torino for a one-week camp in the mountain village of Cuneo. Lived with a musical family in a house surrounded by corn fields.
- Spent weekend in Torino where I attended the most beautiful outdoor (free) concerts by Italian composer, Franco Battiato.
- Headed east to Milan and began another week-long camp in the sweltering city heat. Lived in a flat with others where I learned how to cook risotto and how to ride the bus for free.
- Went south to Moncucco, a minuscule village one hour outside Milan. Lived in a school classroom with another tutor.
- Went back Sanremo at the flat of A.C.L.E.'s "host with the most", Vince.

- Spent the weekend in magical city in the south of France, Menton. Riding along the Ligurian coastline took my breath away.
- Backpacked through Cambodia & Thailand for three weeks. Non ci sono parole! Fantastico!!
- Returned to Italy for my final camp in Ciriè (Piemonte). A city small in stature, but huge in heart.

- Mission "Surprise Sister" began with a covert flight back to New York, followed by the wrapping of a large box, which I jumped out of at her birthday party. (watch the video!)
- Nursed my grandfather back to health for a month after a full knee replacement. Spent my days at a care center, nights perfecting my Italian cooking style with nonna. Frittate seem to be my specialty but I've got a long way to go!

- Accepted a six month teaching position in the north of Italy in a small city called Treviso. I will teach English through drama and conversation by day, and take Italian courses by night!

- I leave for Venice (20 minutes from Treviso) in ONE WEEK!


Anonymous said...

i do not remember carmen sandiego looking that hot!

Anonymous said...

What a loving surprise for Jen. You both look great!