Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Milano Misbehavior

From the mountains of Cuneo to the suburbs of teaching adventure continues. The temperatures this week are above 35 degrees; record highs for Milan. A good test for what I will face in Thailand next month.

I live in an apartment in San Donato with 3 other tutors who are all really cool. The only problem is our commute. One hour to and from work each day including two different subways and a bus - none with air conditioning. Conditions at the camp are far from Sorrento's Camp Paradise. We are in a school with no sports facilities, no water, and cafeteria food reminiscent of my elementary school days.

Above all, the stress of this camp stems from unruly children. It takes two tutors to discipline a class of only nine students. From throwing pencils, to yelling and talking back, to outright refusals to participate, this is by far my biggest challenge yet.

Is it Friday yet?

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